Thursday, 13 January 2011

Victoria Beckham


victoriabeckham: Thank u so much for your kind and beautiful messages!!!we are all so happy and very excited!!!!!!x vb xless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone
After Victoria claiming in Vogue that another child was out the picture for the time being, it has been revealed to the press about her wonderful news and tweeted the above message to her fans about her pregnancy.

Victoria has been in the press a significant amount with her new range of bags which are well suited to her clothing line; sophisticated, simple and classic. The tailored dresses are cut in a way that flatters a women's shape and although the growing popularity, the Victoria Beckham range is hand-made and all produced in Britain.

Friday, 7 January 2011

The best of the sales

Entering a New Year everyone seems to be very skint and slightly depressed so I have searched on some of my favourite websites to find the items that may even tempt you before January's pay day.
These espadrilles would look great with a camel or rust coloured shift dress, lets just hope the snow doesn't start again so I can start wearing these.

Miu Miu Leather Espadrilles: £340   Now   £168 Save   51 %

Thursday, 6 January 2011

My My My Mulberry

After flickering my eyes over the Mulberry blog they have landed on this little purse. I think you have to agree this would make the most perfect little makeup bag.


As a new fan to Jimmy Choo on facebook, I notice an image published which shows Jimmy Choo Ugg's worn by celebrities. Although most girls would dream of finding a brand new pair of Choo's in their wardrobe, I believe a lot of girls would lock away a pair of these uggs. Is this just my cynicism of uggs or are they actually offensive?

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Don't mind if I do

So if you haven't heard the good news already, Vivienne Westwood has now got an e-commerce site where you can shop away till your hearts content. I think the first item on my wishlist is a gold label tablecloth designed to raise money for 'cool earth', although I think I would cry if I spilt anything on it.

I'd like her to be my friend

A fashion style that I am particularly liking at the moment is Paloma Faith's style. Her wardrobe has given her some good and bad press but I don't think anyone could fault her stlye in this photo...and hopefully I will be seeing her play on Sunday night, fingers crossed!

Makes the rain a little more bearable...

Ive had my eye on this accessory for about 3 years running and this looks like an update version of the one I wanted, a studded Burberry umbrella. I may have to stick with my simple black one at the moment, it does seem to entertain people when it turns inside out.

Monday, 25 October 2010

D&G or RI

Feeling the chill this morning even though I am snuggled up in bed on my day off has left me browsing for a new winter coat. Although I am still relying heavily on my aviator jacket, my eyes are roaming on parkas. When I say my eyes are roaming, this means that I actually spotted someone at work had a great parka so decided to have a little peak at it in the staff room to find out where it was from...good old river island. I have to admit though it I had an extra £650 I think I would be rocking this d&g baby.


This is an item that I know I would find very difficult to wear and probably never would but I have my heart set on a sequined flapper dress. I can just imagine it now, me walking into a casual pub in a full on flapper dress, sequins and all.

Oh hello there you ugly little boots

So yeah, I may be biased or spending too much time in work but it seems as if I've fallen in love with a slightly unattractive pair of boots. They look like you could wear them to stomp on someones head but instead I think I will wear mine with skin tight leggings and a lacy shirt.